[Check_mk (english)] Monitoring iexplorer.exe
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Ken Duncan
2017-12-14 14:41:02 UTC
I am on version 1.4.0p15 Enterprise. We have a bunch of terminal servers that I want to monitor Internet Explorer for the number of processes. This will help me know if IE is being abused. I want to know if more than 5 processes are running. I have tried to use the Process Discovery to find the process. Then used State and Count of Process to count it. However, I am unable to get this check to show up in WATO or the console. Is there something on the terminal servers that I am missing? When I run "check_mk.exe test" on the terminal server, I see the process "iexplorer.exe" listed so I know the name is correct.

Has anyone done this or something similar with a windows process?


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