[Check_mk (english)] R: Graphing with existing rrd data
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Jason Lytle
2017-12-20 22:44:10 UTC
Hi I know this old but wanted to ask if anyone ellse has encountered a
problem I seem to have with existing OMD and Graphios.

When I setup Graphios on a new OMD site, it always works without issue.
When I setup Graphios on an existing OMD site, I can't seem to get the copy
from pnp4nagios spool dir to graphios spool dir to work.

I'm pretty sure this is an npcd/nagios issue and not a graphios issue.
In the pnp4nagios spool dir I see the files get moved to same file +.$TIME$
but then it seems the spool dir is cleared before the copy command can copy
files to the graphios spool dir.

# I don't see in the logs where this move command is executed and the && cp
command is not executed (or if it is I can't find an error).


command_line /bin/mv /omd/sites/devomd/var/pnp4nagios/host-perfdata
/omd/sites/devomd/var/pnp4nagios/spool/host-perfdata.$TIMET$ && cp

I have gotten it to work on an existing OMD installation but for the life
of me I can't figure out why it works on that one and not another one.

If anyone has seen this before or if you have an idea why pnp4nagios clears
the spool before the && cp command can run (or maybe this file doesn't get
used at all) I would appreciate it :)

thanks everyone
go OMD!

On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 5:19 PM, Craig Cook via checkmk-en <
Seeing as check_mk collects rrd data and manages to display simple graphs
is it possible to have something like grafana read in this rrd data and
display some nice shiny graphs.
Anyone have any experience in doing such a thing?
Close. I used this: https://github.com/shawn-sterling/graphios
It does not extract data from the RRD but uses the same data. i.e. metrics
are sent to RRD and graphios at the same time. Graphios sends it to
graphite, which grafana uses.
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